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Fondazione Reggio Children was established as a solidarity foundation, open to dialogue with those organizations and institutions around the world that aim to promote the rights of children and of the community, starting with the right to quality education.

Fondazione Reggio Children was born and lives thanks to the contribution and support of institutions, bodies and organizations that want to respond to the educational emergency by asserting the right to quality education so as to generate a virtuous movement that assures children and their communities the right to relationships and learning since childhood.

“Our organization has had the privilege and honor of becoming the founder of Fondazione Reggio Children, a meeting place and a resource for projects, ideas, research and innovation that will give the world a new image of childhood.”

“The Foundation is very important for us because it has built up a relationship so that the experience of Reggio Emilia can continue to express themselves through the creation of an international environment of exchange of ideas and devoted to continuous research.”

“The Government of South Australia considers its international relationships of significant importance and values the relationship with the City of Reggio Emilia and Fondazione Reggio Children.”

“A Foundation that creates a movement, not only for the quality of education but to think about childhood, a hopeful childhood, a happy childhood, and about a better chance that these children will give to the world, through research, development, different educational experiences from Reggio Emilia and the world.”

Become a Participating Founder of Fondazione Reggio Children 

The Founders of Fondazione Reggio Children are committed to:

  • support research in all its forms in the field of education
  • promote quality education experiences in different contexts, starting with those characterised by educational poverty due to health, climate, political emergencies or to economic, social and cultural difficulties
  • establish a strong international partnership network
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