NAREA North American Reggio Emilia Alliance

NAREA - North American Reggio Emilia Alliance was established to connect early childhood educators and advocates together in discovering, interpreting, and promoting Reggio Emilia inspired education. AREA believes in the inherent abilities and basic rights of children and adults, particularly with regard to their competence and right to actively construct relations, knowledge, feelings, and identity. NAREA works to mobilize educators, parents and policymakers to play a collective role in moving the value of early childhood education to a position of priority. Through conferences, networking, and resource sharing, NAREA is advancing an inspiring and innovative movement that is giving more quality and excellence to education.


"On the occasion of the meeting of the International Network of Reggio Children, Carla Rinaldi told us: "We want to change our way of being citizens in relation to each other”. This apparently simple statement captures the dream that belongs to many people. Although the present is full of uncertainty, anxiety, risk, if we do not dream of the impossible - how to create a global citizenship, stating the priority of education in the growth processes of the world, we risk contributing responsibly to these fragile moments we are experiencing together. So again, in the name of NAREA, we take this opportunity to celebrate with all of you the beginning of a new chapter in the evolution of our mutual goals, convinced that education for all is a common good. We join you in courage, risk, hope, responsibility, participation and joy.” 


29 September 2011 - Margie Cooper, NAREA