Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at Fondazione means sharing its values and contributing to the promotion of an educating, committed, and participatory community.

Why volunteer for Fondazione?

  • Because we’re experiencing an educational emergency, worldwide
  • Because only by participating it is possible to build up a community committed to combating educational poverty
  • To investigate, learn and make learning experiences alongside a multidisciplinary work team
  • To share your passion and enthusiasm in an international context

Become a Volunteer

Send an email and tell us about yourself!

Become a Volunteer

Volunteering has deep roots in the history of Fondazione Reggio Children, which was established as a solidarity institution.

For Fondazione Reggio Children, solidarity is a research and action strategy focused on the dialogue and relationships with others, with other cultures and other knowledge.

Value your time, share your skills for

  • Social Community of Fondazione
  • Support at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre
  • Support at the Remida Centre
  • Support for events and initiatives
  • Photo/video documentation
  • Fundraising

Fondazione’s projects rely on the precious contribution given by volunteers.

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