With over 50 years of history, CIRFOOD is one of the largest Italian companies dealing with collective and commercial catering and welfare services for companies.

Today it is present in 17 regions and 73 provinces in Italy, in Belgium and the Netherlands, CIRFOOD produces over 100 million meals per year thanks to the work of 13,000 people, the company’s true strength.

Feed the future is the philosophy that inspires our way of doing business and looking towards tomorrow. Alongside catering, it has always been committed to feeding the future with visions, ideas and perspectives to guarantee a sustainable economic, environmental, social and cultural development to the whole of the society.

CIRFOOD is a cooperative enterprise, which relies on the services provided by its associates to perform its business. It is a corporate governance system shared by people who have joined forces to take on the competitive and innovative challenges posed by the market and to achieve common goals.