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Promote the right to quality education, in order to fight educational poverty

The community is the place of the democratic exercise of rights and duties, where relationships and civic living take place and where the image of the future is shaped.

The community plays a critical role in quality education and in tackling educational poverty. It takes care of its components, above all the most fragile subjects, starting with children. It takes care of its own spaces, its own times, its relationships, the dialogue between cultures.

If educational poverty is above all a lack of care, then the community is an answer.

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If you too believe that quality education is the answer to the crises we are experiencing and would like to help realize your worldview, sign our Charter of Values

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At a crucial time, after the aftermath of the pandemic and the increase of educational emergency and school dropout, Fondazione Reggio Children has drafted and adopted as its Charter of Values the Charter "Quality Education, a Global Challenge."

The Charter affirms the fundamental role of quality education, not only 0-6 but 0-99 years, as a response to the educational emergency, and not only, in Italy and around the world.
Emergencies due to the most diverse causes: health such as pandemic, political, social, economic, food, climate, war.

With your contribution you can subscribe to the Charter and support innovative solidarity, research and quality education projects in Italy and around the world. 

You will be able to support the building of educational communities, promote places and spaces that enable children to establish relationships, communicate, experiment, play and learn.

To support quality education policies even in the most fragile contexts

To counter the digital gap and promote digital play and learning

To support the school as an element of research and innovation

For a culture of sustainability and creativity

To support the construction of learning communities

Promote the right to quality education, in order to fight educational poverty

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