Servizio Civile Universale

Fondazione Reggio Children adheres to the Servizio Civile Universale program in the Reggio Emilia area with opportunities for young people aged 18 to 28

In 2020, for the first time, Fondazione Reggio Children adheres to the Servizio Civile Universale program in the Reggio Emilia area created within the system headed by Confcooperative Reggio Emilia, with the project “Thinking and acting educating communities" offering four places for young people aged 18 to 28

The project was born with the aim of conceiving, planning and conducting educational proposals in the territory of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia, favoring the construction of educating communities where sustainable relationships between people also include a sensitive look at the relationship with nature.

Also for 2024 Fondazione Reggio Children adheres to the program with the project “PER COMUNITA' EDUCANTI - Partecipazione, Ecologia, Resilienza per comunità educanti”, making 4 places available.

The activities will take place at the offices of Fondazione Reggio Children, Pause Atelier dei Sapori and the Remida Centre in Reggio Emilia (Italy) for a total duration of 12 months (25 hours a week, 5 days a week).
Divided into the three different bodies, civilians will be involved in support activities for the management of activities and projects, for the communication and dissemination of project initiatives and results, for the design of new activities through participation in tenders.

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Applications for the 2024 Call for the Servizio Civile Universale are now open

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What is Servizio Civile Universale?

The civil service is to engage in a project aimed at the unarmed and nonviolent defense of the homeland, education, peace between peoples and the promotion of the founding values of the Italian Republic, with actions for the communities and the territory. The civil service is an important opportunity for training and personal and professional growth for young people aged 18 to 28, indispensable and vital resources for the cultural, social and economic progress of the country.

Who is it for?

Young people without distinction of sex can apply who, on the date of submission of the application, are over 18 and not older than 28 years of age (28 years and 364 days) and meet the following requirements:

  • Italian citizenship, or of one of the other member states of the European Union, or of a country outside the European Union as long as the candidate is legally resident in Italy;
  • have completed the eighteenth year of age and have not exceeded the twenty-eighth year of age (28 years and 364 days) on the date of submission of the application;
  • not having been sentenced, even if not final, to the penalty of imprisonment of more than one year for a non-culpable crime or to a penalty of imprisonment, even of a lower entity, for a crime against the person or relating to the illegal possession, use, port, transport, import or export of weapons or explosive materials, or for crimes concerning belonging to or aiding and abetting subversive, terrorist or organized crime groups.

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