Smart Wooding

The Smart Wooding project, thanks to Fondazione Manodori's Welfare Call for Proposals, aims to encourage youth entrepreneurship, support exchange and encounters in the Santa Croce neighborhood of Reggio Emilia, to create a space for social inclusion.

The processes and experiences of the "Widespread School" project have stimulated even more innovative approaches to knowledge and new educational experiences in synergy with different learning places, highlighting how meaningful learning is possible within a plurality of languages, relationships, experiences and contexts.

The city has become a school and the school has inhabited the spaces of the city, accompanying the younger generations in the acquisition of skills no longer only within the confines of school disciplines but through opportunities, relaunches and stimuli in different contexts and in different combinations creating meaningful interweavings and interconnections.

In response to the Manodori Foundation's Welfare Call for Proposals, which aims, among its objectives, to strengthen the involvement of young people in proactive and generative activities by recognizing their role as enterprising protagonists, the Smart Wooding project proposes to set up carpentry workshops with the male and female students of the Galileo Galilei Secondary School in Reggio Emilia to build furniture with which to make the entire school more beautiful and functional.

In particular, young people from the Carpentry Workshop of the St. Giovanni Bosco Cooperative will propose some ateliers for class groups of the Galileo Galilei Comprehensive Institute of Reggio Emilia in the spaces and contexts set up inside the Don Bosco Oratory.

For the development of this action, the young people will be supported by the staff of the San Giovanni Bosco Cooperative and the Reggio Children Foundation, both in the co-design and development phases of the ateliers. The latter, intended as transversal projects that, starting from school disciplines, act a plurality of languages and expressive codes to lead boys and girls to different forms of knowledge, will be defined in co-design with the teachers of the schools involved.

60 hours

workshops in schools

6 classrooms


5 workshops

per classroom

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