Quality Education, a global challenge

The Charter on Quality Education and the Educational Emergency of Fondazione Reggio Children ETS

At a crucial time, after the aftermath of the pandemic and the increase of educational emergency and school dropout, Fondazione Reggio Children has drafted and adopted as its Charter of Values the Charter "Quality Education, a Global Challenge"

The Charter, "Quality Education, a Global Challenge," is rooted in the educational experience of Reggio Emilia in dialogue with the research and solidarity projects in which the Foundation has initiated and participated: from Fare Scuola with Enel Cuore Onlus, to Fa.C.E.-Farsi Comunità Educanti with Con I Bambini as part of the Educational Poverty Alleviation Fund, to Peace Between Cultures with IC Manzoni of Reggio Emilia, to Scintillae with the LEGO Foundation, to Pause - Atelier dei Sapori, to Pedakos in Kosovo with Reggio Terzo Mondo, and many others.

The Charter "Quality Education, a Global Challenge" affirms the fundamental role of education, and quality education, in emergencies, educational and otherwise, due to the most diverse causes present in the world: health emergencies such as pandemics, political, social, economic, food, climate, and war emergencies, which primarily affect childhood.

The text seeks to make a contribution to the reflection on quality education, childhood culture, and educational emergency, looking particularly at the world of schooling, education, welfare, and public institutions, national and international.

We launch an appeal with this Charter "Quality Education, a Global Challenge" as a response to the educational emergency. We explain what quality education is for us and say that we need to start again from the rediscovery of childhood.

Quality early childhood education programs make those children more independent and capable adults; they show the benefits even on the second generations, daughters of the children who attended them; one euro invested on a child is a benefit to society because it yields 13 percent.

The Charter, a tool for alliances and participation to unite local and international thinking, democracy and education.

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On November 7, 2022 the Charter launch event at the Malaguzzi Center in Reggio Emilia along with national and international guests and speakers

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