Annamaria Contini

Director DESU Dipartimento Educazione e Scienze Umane at UNIMORE

Annamaria Contini is Full Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where she directs the Department of Education and Human Sciences and the Research Center "Metaphor and Narrative in Science''.

She is a member of the PhD in Reggio Childhood Studies Board. She serves as member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Aesthetics. She is part of the Editorial Board of the journals "Estetica. Studi e ricerche" and "Studi di estetica", of the Curating Committee for the National Edition of Cesare Zavattini's Works, of the Scientific Committee of the Interdepartmental Laboratory "EduCare", of the Scientific Committee of CIRM - Interuniversity Center for Research on Metaphors. She has been Project Manager for the Eramsus+ project "STORIES - Fostering Early Childhood Media Literacy Competencies", dedicated to the development of digital competencies in the preschool educational field.

A specialist in French philosophical thought between the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries, she has published many studies in Italy and abroad on authors such as Proust and Bergson; more recently, she has studied the cognitive and creative value of metaphor. She collaborated in the realization of the exhibition Un pensiero in festa. Le metafore visive nei processi di apprendimento dei bambini (A festive thought. Visual metaphor in children’s learning processes - Loris Malaguzzi International Center, 2018).