Taste and wellbeing

To promote the right to wellbeing, Fondazione Reggio Children has set up a permanent research lab on topics such as food, food culture, and taste in children and adults.

In today’s society, talking about the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals also means referring to their nutrition, meant as attention to food and taste. Health protection therefore goes above all through the promotion of a culture of food, which is not only individual, but of the whole community.

According to Fondazione Reggio Children, the culture of taste has a strong educational value that is achieved by offering “multisensory” contexts where children and adults can explore and experience food in a welcoming space of negotiation and mutual exchange of ideas.

Through the affiliate company Pause - Atelier dei Sapori and its creative approach to food education, Fondazione supports the development of research on food and taste based on the idea that the quality of life of childhood is a paradigm of the quality of life of the entire community.