According to Fondazione, sustainability takes into account not only the environmental but also the economic and social dimension in a systemic and synergistic relationship.

Therefore, sustainability is a dynamic concept that, as such, produces transformation by generating change and innovation. 

Fondazione Reggio Children’s research investigates the topic of sustainability, understood as the safeguarding of the assets that belong to a community, promoting transformation and regeneration processes of both materials and relationships. 

In this sense sustainability, which refers to both economic, and social and environmental aspects, is a dynamic concept, and as such it produces transformation. Materials, which transform during their cycle of production, consumption and disposal, can be considered as living organisms and as an object of investigation, an educational and creative resource. The creative attitude is a research attitude not so much on the existing but rather on its potential and possibility.

Recycling is learning from nature that nothing is dispersed and everything can be reused. Thus, there is a change of perspective in reuse in human, social and educational contexts.