Reggio Childhood Studies

Fondazione Reggio Children and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Department of Education and Human Sciences are the promoters of the international industrial PhD in Reggio Childhood Studies.

2019 - In progress

The PhD in Reggio Childhood Studies offers a course capable of building a library of research and knowledge that elaborates experience and addresses new challenges in the world of education.

For three years, the PhD students have the opportunity to be directly immersed in the projects of Fondazione that focus on research topics, such as play and learning, space and environment as essential elements of educational contexts, quality education since participated, food as tool and structure to create communities, the use of new digital technologies together with various analogical materials, pedagogical documentation.

10 PhD students from Italy, New Zealand and Russia participate in the first edition of the course, for the academic year 2019/2020. In November 2020 started the XXXVI cycle, the second one for Fondazione Reggio Children with 11 new PhD students.

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“We are taking part in a founding act of the first international PhD on education in Reggio Emilia and the first industrial PhD in Human Sciences.”

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