Regenerate Maputo

The project aims to improve the living conditions of the population of Bairro Chamanculo C through integrated regeneration processes in Maputo

2020 - 2022

Chamanculo C. is a well-known neighbourhood in the country and in the world for its peripheral characteristics

Inhabited by about 28,000 people, the Barrio of Chamanculo C. has one of the largest markets in the city: the Xipamanine Market, which has concentrated more than 5 thousand sellers.

The suburbs of the city of Maputo are characterized by low-income families, an undefined geographical area, residences of less than 15 meters that host more than 8 families, consumption and sale of drugs by teenagers and their parents. They are characterized by poor accessibility to basic services (food, water, sewerage system), lack of fundamental rights of land use and a high rate of poverty. In addition, they are often subject to flooding caused by the presence in the ground of a water table that does not allow proper absorption of rainwater.

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"Regenerate: Integrated Requalification of Bairro Chamanculo C in Maputo" is a project to promote local socio-economic development and environmental protection, funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the living conditions of the population of Bairro Chamanculo C through integrated requalification processes in Maputo; to increase safety levels, inclusion and sustainability of the neighbourhood and reduce the negative impact of children and their families who do not enjoy their rights.

Structural interventions were planned on two schools (Futuro Brilhante and Mamanas) and pedagogical interventions on three (Amandla, Futuro Brilhante and Mamanas).

In 2021 began the design of the spaces of the three schools of the Bairro di Chamanculo C. (Mamanas de Chamanculo, Amandla, Futuro Brilhante) and a plan of administrative/managerial and educational/educational strengthening for the three children’s centres was developed.

Data on the needs of educational staff were collected and analysed and three training meetings were held in April and May.

The first meeting began with a dialogue on the image of the child and the idea of learning, and was developed through a series of theoretical references and through the active involvement of participants.

The growth process and the role of the teacher were the focus of the second meeting, during which the following topics were discussed: what to observe in the process of child growth and the main areas of development, the role of the teacher and community involvement.

The third meeting focused on the organization of the school spaces as relational environments to encourage exchange with families and between groups of children.

©Fondazione AVSI

©Fondazione AVSI


67 Children

of Mamanas' children's centre

37 Children

of Amandla's children's centre

8 Children

of Futuro Brilhante's children's centre

17 Adults

among teachers and non teaching staff of the three schools

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