Particidade promotes inclusive and quality education in Mozambique through a path aimed at strengthening territorial governance systems and educational services.

The Particidade project supports the cooperation between the Municipalities of Reggio Emilia, Pemba and Maputo in Mozambique to design and implement educational proposals addressed to primary school children (aged 5-11 years) as part of a wider process of urban planning and regeneration and professional development.

The education systems of the cities of Maputo and Pemba show significant difficulties in terms of illiteracy: 29.9% in Pemba and 14% in Maputo, and school dropouts: 31% in Pemba and 9% in Maputo.

The overload of child domestic work, the insufficient number of teachers and their poor training meet the low recognition of the role of the school and the lack of family involvement. The educational situation is particularly dramatic for girls and young women. These are among the conditions that lead to a high drop-out rate in primary schools with 31% in Pemba and 9% in Maputo.

(Source: INE 2013)

The Particidade project promotes a shared idea of education as a right, a common good, and a community responsibility.

Fondazione Reggio Children supports the cities of Maputo and Pemba in increasing social inclusion, participation and quality of primary school education (age group 5-11) through the professional development of teachers and educators, the elaboration of educational paths and proposals inside and outside the school by setting up an agreement between municipalities, schools, and areas.

The results of the project in Maputo

58 participants

in the workshops among students, teachers, municipal officials, library staff, local associations

234 children

involved in extracurricular activities in the 4 pilot primary schools

433 children

involved in after-school activities and in libraries

The Pemba project results

22 municipal teachers and technicians

participating in the workshops

450 children and young people

involved in the project

2250 family members

involved in the pilot actions

5000 inhabitants


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