P.A.C.E. aims to increase the quality of early childhood education systems in Palestine by promoting the activation of an integrated public-private system, the upgrading of school contexts and the awareness of sustainability.

There are 1,705 preschools operating in Palestine, of which only 5.69% are managed by the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

Christian schools and civil society organizations manage 94.31% of early childhood education. The fragmentation of the education system and the lack of dialogue within the private sector and between the public and private sectors make the development and coordinated management of the early childhood education system more difficult. Added to this is the low level of children's attendance in pre-school education (40%, UNESCO Office Ramallah), compared to 56% globally (UNESCO 2016).

The project supports the Palestinian government so as to increase the quality and accessibility of education services by encouraging the activation of an integrated public-private education system.

Fondazione started a dialogue with local partners to activate an integrated public-private system for early childhood education, the design and requalification of school spaces in Palestinian schools, and the opening of a creative reuse centre as an opportunity to offer professional development and exchange initiatives among teachers and to raise awareness in terms of sustainability.

During the first two years of activity the project has led to:

60 schools

development of an accreditation protocol for private schools at the Ministry and activation of exchange and dialogue contexts with teachers from 60 schools throughout the West Bank

30 public schools


15 private schools


315 school staff

involved in the schools

1700 children

aged 0/6 who participated

1 Pilot Centre

of creative reuse with natural and waste materials in Bethlehem

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