The project FARE SCUOLA promotes change in schools by redesigning the spaces intended as learning and relational places.

The precarious state of maintenance of school buildings and the poor quality of furniture in Italian schools affect the educational quality and well-being of those who live and work at school.

According to the 9th update report on the monitoring of the Convention on the Rights of the Child 2015-2016, 39% of schools in Italy have a poor or very poor state of maintenance and one in five (21%) shows structural damages both on the external façades and in corridors, gyms and classrooms. The furniture out of standards or in poor condition – such as broken desks or chairs, unfixed cabinets or unprotected furniture – affects the quality of learning and the activities of children, teachers, and the whole community living in the school.

A school that reflects the social and physical fabric of society, where there is a sharp distinction between the city centre and the suburbs, deeply affected by phenomena of degradation, marginalisation, social discomfort, insecurity and, finally, a lower provision of services.

According to FARE SCUOLA each space is a learning context and a place of relationships

FARE SCUOLA develops projects for school environments based on the dialogue and involvement of pedagogistas, school heads, teachers and architects-designers. It promotes an innovative idea of school, a place where every environment has an educational value: that is how corridors become places where to develop school projects and research; entrance halls become equipped spaces where the school welcomes its community; classrooms become the primary places where to build up relationships and to learn in groups, and courtyards are the place where to discover the relationship with nature.

"We are proud to have contributed, together with the Fondazione Reggio Children, to setting the benchmark for the education of future generations."

“With Fare Scuola we wanted to give a concrete contribution to placing the school at the centre of the community by enhancing its educating role and strengthening its creative potential.”

Started in 2015, the Project FARE SCUOLA was relaunched in 2018, 2019, and again in 2020

The Project is generating a network of schools committed to promoting and educating for change.

7 years

total project duration

90 schools

involved in the project

12000 children

involved in the project

1200 teachers

involved in the project

40 designers

involved in the project

18 regions

involved in the project

253 hours

of learning path

18.000 mq

of requalified spaces

Discover more about the projects here www.progettofarescuola.it

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