F.A.R.E. – Verso un’architettura dell'educazione

F.A.R.E. – Verso un’architettura dell'educazione is a research project that aims to enhance the labs dedicated to the educational activities of the MAXXI Museum in Rome.
F.A.R.E. explores the relationships between education, art, and architecture and the spaces intended as learning contexts.

F.A.R.E. was developed as part of the Fare Scuola project, which has been promoting the upgrading of school environments in Italy since 2015.

For the first time the project came out of the school buildings with the idea that school is not only a place where knowledge is transmitted, but a context in which culture is produced. 

The encounter with MAXXI Education Department made it possible to experience the potential of the spaces dedicated to education in a museum, redesigning them so as to explore, learn and better interpret the creative processes of art and architecture.

The project led to the upgrading of Edulab1 and Edulab2, the spaces dedicated to the museum educational activities

A co-design activity involving educators, pedagogistas and architects has been started with the aim of upgrading Edulab1 and Edulab2 so as to create learning contexts able to welcome the experiences of schools and museum visitors of all ages. Eye-catching, welcoming spaces provided with a functional aesthetics with the aim of encouraging the discovery, design, work and thinking of the people who live and experience these places.

“With this intervention MAXXI becomes even more welcoming and inclusive, open to all kinds of audience in the name of a shared experience of art and architecture.”

The design concept is inspired by old artisan workshops where aesthetic quality encounters the functionality of the environment

Edulab1 and Edulab2 are flexible, changeable environments that can be continuously reconfigured to develop a strategy of continuous research and exchange over time.

 EduLab 1 is a glazed and permeable prism, located in a highly visible position. Vertical dynamism dominates, the walls are equipped with surfaces that are offered as work tools, mobile drawer units, concealed worktops that can also become display cases, magnetic or digital walls, tables and stools. The entire shell is also designed as a communicative manifesto of the learning methodologies and strategies.

 EduLab 2 is characterised by squared modular units of different heights that can be combined in a variety of combinations and can also be used as seats, worktops, and storage units. The walls have their own characteristics: one is a vertical wall system, one is dedicated to projections, and one consists of large writable panels.

917 educational activities

23,269 participants in educational activities

12,441 schools

3,825 families

7,003 adults

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