The Aprender project wants to support 5 primary schools in the Nhlamankulu district and George Dimitrov of Maputo for the resumption of school lessons in safety after the COVID-19 emergency

2020 - 2021

Some of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in Mozambique live in the Nhlamankulu and George Dimitrov District of Maputo, with 98% of the population living on less than 10,000 meticals a month.

The greatest consequences are paid by children who live in precarious conditions in slums with limited access to water, a high rate of domestic pollution and increasingly greater challenges in terms of school learning. Schooling remains one of the most important objectives to get out of marginalization and a vulnerable and precarious context. 

Even before the COVID19 era, most children were forced to attend lessons in classes of at least 50 pupils, following a turn-based program as schools could not guarantee the necessary space and time for everyone. With the COVID19 pandemic, primary, secondary and university schools officially closed on March 23, 2020, leading families to be the main players in children's education.

The project aims to support 7,515 children among the most vulnerable of 5 primary schools in the district of Nhlamankulu and George Dimitrov to access the reopening of school lessons in complete safety.

Various actions will be carried out involving the training of school staff (school directors and pedagogical directors) who can identify vulnerable cases and make schools safe in order to ensure an effective reopening of the latter.
In this context, Fondazione Reggio Children - in collaboration with local partners - will define an educational and didactic path to support the most vulnerable families, with particular attention to those who have experienced the greatest difficulties due to COVID19. Thanks to the collaboration with teachers and educators, the action will allow the development of innovative educational and teaching proposals to be carried out at home or in the classroom, also in response to the emergency experienced by schools due to the pandemic.

5 Primary Schools

of the Nhlamankulu and George Dimitrov districts

7.515 Children

and their families

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