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Fondazione Reggio Children provides activities to be carried out at home dedicated to children and adults, following the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Choose the area of your interest and download the activities and proposals:

Sustainability and creativity with Remida

Sustainability and creativity is an invitation to explore and experiment with materials, objects of investigation and precious creative resources. 

Each proposal is dedicated to children and teens, with teachers and parents so as to experiment, design and create from recycled materials available at home.

Imaginary Bicycles 28 October 2020 ‐ pdf, 2.02 MB Working with paper 28 October 2020 ‐ pdf, 3.33 MB Playing with objects 28 October 2020 ‐ pdf, 1.36 MB Machinery 28 October 2020 ‐ pdf, 1.25 MB

Architecture and imagery with FARE SCUOLA Project

Architecture and imagery lead us to explore the world starting from everyday life, to rediscover the map of the places surrounding us, without leaving our home. 

Places still unknown can be explored and investigated thanks to drawings, graphic and digital tools.

Cities within cities 28 October 2020 ‐ pdf, 3.22 MB Maps form my world 28 October 2020 ‐ pdf, 4.31 MB Hideaways 28 October 2020 ‐ pdf, 1.49 MB

Play and learning with scintillae

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