20 May 2024

"Maker Literacies Mindsets" workshop

On May 21st at the Department of Education and Human Sciences of Unimore, educational innovation and media and visual literacy will be discussed

On 21 May 2024, at Palazzo Baroni and the Ex Mangimificio Caffarri, the workshop "Maker Literacies Mindsets. Promoting media and visual literacy" will be held, which will host international experts to discuss and experiment with new innovative educational practices.

The event is organized by the Department of Education and Human Sciences of Unimore, as part of the Department of Excellence 2023-27 project, in collaboration with Reggio Children Foundation and with the doctoral course in Reggio Childhood Studies, and aims to promote educational practices capable of supporting media education and visual literacy through the "Maker" approach (maker pedagogical approach), which will be presented by two teachers from the University of Sheffield (Manchester, UK) and by the manager of the Arbourthorne Community Primary School.

This approach will then be tested by the participants first hand during the workshop which will take place at the Ex Mangimificio Caffarri. 

The works will open at 10am in Room L0.1 a + b of Palazzo Baroni with institutional greetings from Annamaria Contini, Director of the Department of Education and Human Sciences of Unimore, and Carla Rinaldi, President of the Reggio Children Foundation.

At 10.20am, a session dedicated to "Maker Pedagogies and Maker Literacies" will follow, with talks by Louise J. Kay, Vanessa Langley and Jennifer Rowsell.

The workshop will therefore see the presence of three international guests: Louise J. Kay, Course Director of the EdD in Education at the University of Sheffield and expert in maker pedagogy and digital literacy; Vanessa Langley, head of Arborthorne Community Primary School, has successfully implemented and continues to experiment with media education practices, promoting an inclusive and stimulating educational environment; Jennifer Rowsell, Professor of Digital Literacy and Director of the "Research and Innovation Center" at the same university, has conducted numerous studies on media literacy.

In the afternoon, at the Ex Mangimificio Caffarri, the atelierists of the Reggio Children Foundation will conduct a workshop aimed at allowing participants to experience firsthand the approach presented during the morning.


The workshop is open to anyone interested.

For students of the degree courses in Primary education sciences, Educational sciences for nursery schools and socio-pedagogical professions, Pedagogical sciences, Media education for literary disciplines and publishing, and Theories and methodologies of digital learning, the participation in the workshop will give the right to the recognition of 1 CFU among the freely chosen activities, upon presentation of a short report.

For teachers, the workshop is recognized as a refresher course (Art. 1 paragraph 2 Directive 90/03) and will give the right to exemption from service pursuant to art. 64 paragraph 5 CCNL 2006-2009, upon request to the school head. A certificate of participation will be issued for n. 8 hours.

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Last modified: 06 June 2024

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