28 February 2022

Launched the fourth edition of the Abitare il Paese project for the activation of educating communities

On Saturday 26 February in Rome the conference to present the project and the Pnrr call for 195 schools

Rome, 26 february 2022

"It is absolutely positive and in line with the position that has always been supported by Italian architects that the 195 innovative, sustainable and inclusive schools envisaged by the Pnrr, are built through two-stage design competitions. This is a modality that architects support as it is certainly the most suitable for having high-quality projects available to carry out good public works. The school is a central element of the life of every city and its urban reality. Facing it is equivalent to facing the more general one of the city of the future: a city that will increasingly want to transform and redevelop itself, and its structure, also to achieve a more adequate quality of life."

Francesco Miceli, President of The National Council of Architects, Designers, Landscape Architects and Conservators in his speech at the presentation of the fourth edition of "Abitare il Paese - La Cultura della Domanda", a project carried out in collaboration with Fondazione Reggio Children-Centro Loris Malaguzzi and dedicated, this year, to the theme "activating educating communities, new generations for a project for the future."

The launch event of the fourth edition of Abitare il Paese on 26 February 2022


For Carla Rinaldi, President of Fondazione Reggio Children-Centro Loris Malaguzzi, "the new post-pandemic school of the Pnrr, the whole school we imagine, must bring out that essential link that exists between the quality of learning and the quality of space, starting from the protagonism and the right of citizenship of the very young. This is the quality education that Fondazione Reggio Children and The National Council of Architects, Designers, Landscape Architects and Conservators are looking for, for a learning context that is truly a Third Educator, as Loris Malaguzzi called it:"

"With the new edition of the" Abitare il Paese "project - continued Rinaldi - listening to the protagonists, from 3-year-old children to 18-year-old boy and girls, is at the center of our society. The alliance between pedagogy and architecture extends to the entire educating community, families, cities, institutions. An educating community that, after the experience of the pandemic, we will meet different, a widespread community, which tries to interpret spaces and times in a new way."

Watch the recorded event activating English subtitles on YouTube

Last modified: 09 March 2022

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