13 February 2023

Progetto REUSEMED . La delegazione internazionale in visita in Italia

Project ‘Reusemed’: international delegation at Capannori to study reuse practices. Institution and entity from Spain, Jordan and Tunisia are going to be part of it. On this occasion will be officially constituted Capannori’s reuse network

An international delegation from Spain, Jordan and Tunisia will arrive in Italy, at Lucca, Capannori and Reggio Emilia, from 13th to 16th february to participate at a seminary and a study visit in the area of the project ‘Reusemed’ funded by European Union which is addressed to sustainability and reuse politics in Mediterranean area. Administrations that are going to participate, beside Capannori’s city, will be Fondazione Reggio Children – Loris Malaguzzi center of Reggio Emilia, Sanitation Cordoba (Spain), National Association of Public Environmental Enterprises (Spain), Ministry of Local Administration (Jordan), New Deir Allaa Municipality (Jordan), Municipality of Sakiet Ezzit (Tunisia), National Agency for Waste Management (Tunisia).

During this three days the delegation will capture a direct vision of the experience of Capannori’s city over the subject of reuse and composting, with particular attention at conciliation’s work that it‘s been done with territory and other associations that worked over the last two years at the definition of procedures and methods in order to organize this reuse cycle. In fact, during this meeting, the municipal administration will create a new municipal reuse network.

“It is with real pleasure that we welcome on our territory the participation of our partners of ‘Reusemed’ project, an important one, because aimed to reuse development in a circular economy perspective – explains Giordano Del Chiaro environment assessor -. The initiative scheduled on next days will be the occasion to get to know the reuse system available on our territory constituted by associations and social cooperative. On this occasion we will create the official municipal network of reuse which is composed of all the reality already existent that at Capannori and Piana of Lucca work daily to repair objects, give a second life to the one unused and so, avoiding waste production. The network constitution will consent to the participant to be in constant contact among them and to receive support from municipality, Ascit and the research center of zero waste. On the other hand, the co-ordinament will consent at Capannori’s citizens an easy access to reuse circle. In particular for the citizens, ‘Reusemed’ project will see in the next weeks the planning of appointments organized by associations, during this meeting people will teach how to repair used objects.

Next in plan, the experimentation of composting for restaurants and bars that want to participate at this practice with significant benefits in rate. It goes on, in conclusion, the renovating project of the property ex Ceseca where is going to emerge a repair center of electrical and electronic equipment”.

On the 14th and 15th of February it is on plan to visit some local associations that deal with reuse, this associations are Daccapo, Lillero, Terra di Tutti e Bidone, also the center of ecological waste disposal of Salanetti and the research center of zero waste. The initiative includes the arrive of the delegation at Lucca on Monday 13th February and a first day of debate on the status of the art of ‘Reusemed’ project on Tuesday 14th February at Palazzo Ducale where the contestants will be welcome by the environmental assessor of Capannori’s town, Giordano Del Chiaro. On Wednesday 15th February the delegation will move to Capannori where, in the town hall, will continue working on the project communication and the future action to take. In conclusion, on Thursday 16th February the delegation will move to Reggio Emilia where is located the partner Fondazione Reggio Children headed by Carla Rinaldi, to get to know the experience of the center of creative recycle Remida and the Reggio Emilia approach with a visit at the international center of Loris Malaguzzi, every year attended by hundreds of experts and teachers from al around the world. At Reggio Emilia the delegation will debate on the creative use of waste disposal, from the industry and not, saved from Remida.

REUSEMED project is funded by the European Union (EU) under the ENI CBC Med Programme. Besides Capannori in Italy, Cordoba in Spain, New Deir Allaa in Jordan and Sakiet Ezzit in Tunisia participate at it. The total budget is € 3.2 million with an EU contribution of € 2.9 million (90%).


Last modified: 28 February 2023

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