08 February 2024

Vengo anch’io - Io Capitano in Senegal con Matteo Garrone

Cinemovel Foundation announces a traveling trip with director Matteo Garrone and actors from the Oscar-nominated film to bring cinema to Senegalese communities

The initiative, which will take place in April, aims to bring cinema to schools, villages and suburbs in Senegal, creating cultural connections and building bridges between different communities.

A van equipped with the necessary equipment to set up a temporary movie theater will travel the streets of Senegal. The screening of the film is the form of social communication chosen by Cinemovel with the project partners to welcome and exchange thoughts, sensitivities, and emotions aroused by the vision. Filmed in Senegal in the Wolof language, the film Io Capitano is a powerful tool for reasoning with younger generations on the issue of migration.

Participatory public screenings will take place with director Matteo Garrone, actors, Cinemovel crew along with local realities. Cinemovel began its adventure in the African continent in 2001 with the first pilot project of traveling cinema in Mozambique with an information campaign on AIDS.  From 2010 it began a special relationship with Senegal, creating the Mboro Film Festilval, a community festival organized in a fishing village. Since then, the connection with Senegal has never stopped and continues with an ambitious project.

Itinerary of the trip

The itinerary will run along two routes, from Dakar to Mboro and into Casamance, with stops in the outskirts of Dakar, in Thiès, Mboro, Kolda, Sédhiou and Ziguinchor. Public screenings will involve schools and communities, promoting dialogue and the exchange of thoughts and emotions. The journey of the traveling cinema, the stories, meetings, screenings, and debates will be documented for communication both online and on social media and for the production of a report on the experience.

Support the project

To realize the project, Cinemovel Foundation is launching a crowdfunding campaign on the Productions from Produzioni dal Basso.

For more information and to support the project, visit the website

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Last modified: 09 February 2024

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