30 January 2023

Servizio Civile (Public Service) experience shared by volunteers.

A 12-month journey through a world of knowledge and cultures.

In an age of educational emergency like ours, volunteering at the Foundation becomes a fundamental help to contribute to the promotion of an educating, committed and participatory community that sees childhood as a starting point to combat educational poverty.

The Servizio Civile Universale (universal public service) within our Foundation is an excellent opportunity to become involved in a multi-disciplinary, dynamic and international environment.

Spending 12 months at the Foundation is an investment in personal growth that leads you to explore a world of different cultures and knowledge.

But what does it mean to spend a year in the world of Fondazione Reggio Children?

Through their words, Letizia and Camilla, volunteers of the Servizio Civile (Public Service) at the moment, tell their experience and the reasons for their choice, each with different aspirations and goals but united by the values of the Foundation.

"I chose to carry out the Servizio Civile (Public Service) because I wanted to live a new, different experience that would take me out of my comfort zone," says Camilla. "In particular, I chose Fondazione Reggio Children for my Public Service because I wanted to live an experience in an international context, rich in connections and new incentives. Above all because it is an institution with which I share common values such as solidarity, care and promotion of quality education for all."

"From this experience" continues Camilla "I certainly carry a wealth of experiences that have been formative in every aspect. From the skills I have been able to acquire, to the new meetings and relationships I have been able to establish.”

"I was assigned to carry out my Servizio Civile (Public Service) at ReMida and I immediately liked it because at the recycling center we could talk, among the many current issues, about environmentalism which is the theme of the project that I chose. 

One thing that particularly struck me, and that I could observe firsthand, is the amount of waste material that is saved and reused by this project," says Letizia.

“Thanks to this experience I have been able to put in play different skills such as relating to the public and its management, something difficult for me at least initially because numerous requests are made and the teachers are many. Another skill I learned here was the ability to manage the load of materials that comes to the center, arrange it on the shelves according to specific criteria.”

Lastly, we asked them about their experience with the FRC in three words, here’s what they said:


“Discovery, I certainly discovered a new world, a dynamic and engaging context which thanks to its complexity has taught me a lot.”

Connections, I immediately experienced positive encounters, I met people and colleagues who made me feel welcomed right away.”

Incentives, because during these months there have been enriching opportunities, many stimulating experiences that have allowed me to grow and to put myself at stake, what I was looking for and that I would have liked to find in my year of Servizio Civile (Public Service).” 


“Creativity, Commitment and Innovation”

Dive into the world of ReMida, a cultural project of sustainability, creativity and research of the Fondazione and follow Letizia’s day in the centre of creative recycling.

For more information on Servizio Civile visit the dedicated website

The deadline for submitting applications is February 10th 2023 (14.00).

Servizio Civile Universale

Servizio Civile Universale

Fondazione Reggio Children adheres to the Servizio Civile Universale program in the Reggio Emilia area with opportunities for young people aged 18 to 28

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