30 March 2023

REUSEMED: in Capannori takes off the training path open to every citizen

30 hours of meetings about reuse and circular economy distributed in April, May and June

In REUSEMED area, the project founded by European Union with ENI CBC Med Program, takes off ‘RiusoLab’ the training path open to all citizen who wants to give life to objects and materials that otherwise would be destined to disposal. The course consists in several educational meetings distributed in April, May and June for a complex period of 30 hours and it is dedicated to 50 participants divided in 4 groups which will be guided by realities and associations that deal with reuse on the territory.

The path is promoted by Capannori Municipality, research center Zero Waste and Reggio Children Foundation with Re Mida, together with Mestieri Toscana Consortium with the aim of give value to reuse experiences of the territory and promote the constitution of new ones in order to realize a wider Municipal System of reuse.

Giordano Del Chiaro, the assessor of environment, explains “This course represents a huge opportunity that will grow reuse culture on the territory to extend the net of subjects who wants to work in this context, and also a training occasion for realities already existent in this business. In these years many experiences have matured in reuse area of Capannori, they deal with various materials: furniture, clothes, bicycles, food waste, electronic equipment, anticipating the European strategy regarding circular economy. With these laboratories we want that the positive experience matured over these years became a project for all our community and a stringboard for young and passionate who aim to put in place new ideas of circular economy”.

The course will open with a meeting called ‘Reuse perspectives in the strategy of zero waste that will take place Thursday the 13rd of April at 6pm, at the technological pole of Segromigno in Monte at Capannori (LU).

Here the program of the meetings:

  • Make a business with reuse: a creation of an ecological job , sede Mestieri Toscana via Don Sirio Politi, Lucca- Intesa association;
  • General security in reuse, recycle and circular economy context, sede Mestieri Toscana - Mestieri Toscana;
  • Ecology and environmental consciousness, sede Mestieri Toscana- associazione Legambiente Capannori and Piana Lucchese;
  • Journey in the reuse history and practical workshop with wood Cooperativa Nanina, via di Stipeti, Coselli- associazione Nanina-Daccapo;
  • Trade and exchange: giving new life to objects, sede Lillero, via Traversa, Parezzana- associazione Lillero; Scarto Matto.
  • Creative workshop with material tha comes from educational reuse center of Grossomodo, Foro Boario Lucca-associazioni Bidone e Grossomodo;
  • Cure in communication and of relationships with others, sede Mestieri Toscana- associazione Paideia;
  • Guided visit in the practice of circular economy and creative workshop, sede Terra di Tutti, Via di Piaggiori Basso – impresa sociale Terra di Tutti;
  • Reuse and recycle of electronic equipment and impact of electronic waste, sede Hacking Labs-Miniere Urbane via di Piaggiori basso- Hacking Labs-Miniere Urbane.

Info and applications at this link

REUSEMED is funded by the European Union (EU) under the ENI CBC Med Programme with a total budget of € 3.2 million and an EU contribution of € 2.9 million (90%).

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