05 June 2024

Fondazione Reggio Children celebrates International Day of Play

Interviews with the children of Matteo Maria Boiardo Primary School and IV Novembre Primary School of Reggio Emilia

For the first International Day of Play promoted by the United Nations General Assembly, Fondazione Reggio Children decided to create a campaign to raise awareness on the issue by interviewing the children of Matteo Maria Boiardo Primary School and IV Novembre Primary School of Reggio Emilia, met during the Diffusa School experience together with Officina Educativa of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

From their answers many ideas arose, that make us reflect on the benefits of play and the need to make it a priority.

Through play it is in fact possible to develop relational skills, create new ideas, express one's emotions, learn, strengthen the spirit of resilience and increase one's creativity, as well as being a moment of sharing with friends, relatives and parents.

Another positive effect is the possibility of doing physical activity, necessary for physical health. 

The key idea is that you can play with everything and everyone.

However, many countries and many societies lack the preconditions to play well and grow well.

In fact, it is estimated that around the world there are 160 million children forced to work instead of playing; specifically, 1 in 3 doesn't have the time to play and 1 in 5 doesn't have the company or adequate space to do so. This deprivation often creates feelings such as depression, isolation, sadness, disappointment and, in some cases, even anger.

Celebrating play as a fundamental right therefore means putting children's rights at the center. There is a lot to do for this right to be realized, the first to know are the children and families, with whom we spoke on the occasion of the first International Play Day.

We need to further introduce play in learning at school, have more public spaces for children to play together, and give play a better reputation.

As Reggio Children Foundation, we are committed to promoting a dimension of learning, creativity and play in the realities we deal with and to keeping play among our priorities.

In November 2023, in fact, we launched the P.E.R. - Play Explore Research project, with the support of The LEGO Foundation, which will explore the possibilities of learning through play in five countries around the world.

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To know more visit the official website of International Day of Play.

Last modified: 11 June 2024

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