04 October 2021

Re-creations: between materials, food and ideas

On Monday, October 11 at Chiostri di San Pietro to talk and play with materials

Iren, Fondazione Reggio Children, Pause – Atelier dei sapori and Remida the Creative Reuse Center are meeting at the Laboratorio Aperto (Open Workshop) at Chiostri di San Pietro on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of Fondazione Reggio Children and are inviting schools, companies and citizens to talk about sustainability as a complex system, necessarily in solidarity, between people and between people and nature.

Plants and soil, animal and mineral species, plastics and food waste will be put in relation with each other, during workshops and seminars to try and see them as an ecosystem in which nature and culture meet and which we can – and must – learn to take care of.


4 pm - 6 pm “La sotenibilità che non ti aspetti (the sustainability you don’t expect)”

Round table with

- Benedetta Melloni, Fondazione Reggio Children

- Mirko Tutino, I.BLU

- Eloisa di Rocco, Remida the Creative Reuse Center

- Francesco Bombardi, Architect

- Paola Cavazzoni, Pause – Atelier dei sapori

"Ricreazioni (Recreations)" will follow, an atelier by Pause – Atelier dei sapori on the theme of regeneration in the kitchen.

The event will be moderated by: Arturo Bertoldi e Fiorenza Genovese, EduIren.

To partecipare it will be necessary to register without cost at the link (40 spots available): https://ricreazioni.eventbrite.it
Access will be permitted only for people in possession of the Green Pass

Also present and visible will be the collective installation “Una comunità di esseri viventi (a community of living beings)”, a LEGO mosaic created on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary by hundreds of children and adults, with the support of The LEGO Foundation and in collaboration with the artist Riccardo Zangelmi, the only Italian LEGO Certified Professional.

The Initiative is promoted by Fondazione Reggio Children and Iren in collaboration with Remida the Creative Reuse Center, Pause – Atelier dei sapori and Laboratorio Aperto at Chiostri di San Pietro.

Last modified: 05 October 2021

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