24 May 2024

QUASI FESTIVAL: Meetings and stories waiting for the EMERGENCY Festival

From Wednesday, May 29 the series of meetings "A lezione con EMERGENCY" to talk about the commitment and humanitarian activities of EMERGENCY, in collaboration with UNIMORE

On Wednesday, May 29 at 4.00 pm, at the Department of Education and Human Sciences, in Viale Timavo, 93 - Reggio Emilia, the first meeting of the series entitled "A lezione con EMERGENCY" will be held, in preparation for the EMERGENCY FESTIVAL which will take place from September 6 to September 8, 2024 in Reggio Emilia.

The meeting, entitled "HOW DOES A SEARCH AND RESCUE SHIP WORK IN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA?" will see the participation of Flavio Catalano, EMERGENCY logistician, and Floriana Pati, EMERGENCY nurse, and will illustrate the work of a Search And Rescue ship in the Mediterranean, delving into themes such as the human choice and justice at the basis of its operations, the legal obstacles and the functioning of life on board and search and rescue activities.

The cycle of meetings, in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, will then continue with other appointments until autumn and will serve as an introduction to the Festival's initiatives.

For more information visit the website www.emergency.it/festival

Last modified: 27 May 2024

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