20 February 2023

La materia è un linguaggio che ci aiuta a pensare con le mani

The interview dedicated to Remida in the area of the cycle “Buona Questa!” of Radio Inblu2000

Remida Reggio Emilia projects, its philosophy and history were at the center of an interview of Radio Inblu 2000, presented by Claudia Benassi in “Buona Questa!” cycle, dedicated to good practice and good news.

The coordinator Laura Pedroni illustrated the project of Fondazione Reggio Children, Istituzione Scuole and Nidi d’Infanzia of Reggio Emilia and Iren.

“Matter is a language that helps to think with our hands, also waste materials”.


Remida is present locally, nationally and internationally, it brings its own vision of sustainability, creativity and research on reuse materials in projects located in Kosovo with Pedakos, Palestine with PACE, Mozambique with Mais Pemba, in the Mediterranean area with Reusemed and many more.

Remida “promotes the idea that waste and imperfect bring an ethical message, capable of stimulating thoughts, it offers itself as an educational resourse, escaping from the definition of useless and waste”.

 Listen to the interview here.

Last modified: 20 February 2023

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