10 May 2021

Food in Chiostri

The 100 languages of taste of Pause-Atelier dei Sapori at Chiostri di San Pietro in Reggio Emilia

Food in Chiostri, the cafeteria space dedicated to welcoming visitors and people who frequent the Chiostri di San Pietro complex in Reggio Emilia, is renewed with the assignment of management to Pause-Atelier dei Sapori. It will be a high quality hospitality experience, in which research is carried out following the footsteps of tradition and the paths of innovation, different bits of knowledge are fused together and good living and hospitality are blended virtuously with the wisdom and experience that are rooted in the Reggio Emilia Approach: a clear and tangible sign of the City of 100 Languages, which are also languages of Taste, located next to one of the oldest and most fascinating places in the historic city, the Benedictine Renaissance complex, a hub of innovation and culture.

Social innovation and participatory planning, elements that distinguish the various activities present within the Open Workshops project of which Food in Chiostri is a component, find a new declination: Food in Chiostri will be a space dedicated to sustainability, regeneration, tradition and innovation, where taste becomes the protagonist of new projects based on the study of food.

Backed by many years of experience at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, Pause brings to the Chiostri di San Pietro space the same fundamental values that are part of its DNA - interculturality, inclusiveness, participation, sustainability, quality, care and well-being - to support and promote social cohesion, give value to the territory and its typical products, especially those classified as Zero Kilometer. Pause at Chiostri is intended to be a democratic space for doing and being together, within which to promote education in taste, art and culture, where to cook and experiment with food, without age limits.

 THEY SAID - Food in Chiostri was presented this morning during a press conference attended by the Mayor Luca Vecchi, the Managing Director of Pause-Atelier dei Sapori Paola Cavazzoni and Antonietta Serri, President of Consorzio Cooperative Sociali Quarantacinque. Also present the Councillor for Welfare Daniele Marchi, the Councillor for Participation Lanfranco de Franco, and the President of Fondazione Reggio Children Carla Rinaldi.

"Today we present an important step forward In the Chiostri di San Pietro project - said the Mayor Luca Vecchi - with the encounter between a proven excellence of the territory such as Pause-Atelier dei Sapori, and an historical but at the same time very contemporary space, devoted to innovation such as Chiostri di San Pietro. A collaboration that is also one of the many positive signs of these days, of a city that restarts oriented towards innovation and that is enriched every day by a planning fully immersed in the contemporary world, capable of living its time and turning to the future in the awareness of its own excellence, thanks to a synergistic management method between public and private, institutions and citizens ".

"With Food in Chiostri, Pause-Atelier dei Sapori intends to bring to such a symbolic place for the city as Chiostri di San Pietro the experience, gained over the years, in combining food with education - said Paola Cavazzoni -. It will be a democratic and inclusive space, open to all generations: a place dedicated to hospitality where it is also possible to develop projects made up of ateliers and courses to create greater awareness around food and the ability of the latter to create relationships not only between people, but also with the environment and nature".

"Thanks to an intense and effective collaboration with Pause-Atelier dei Sapori - said Antonietta Serri - we are pleased to welcome all visitors to the Open Workshop and to the Chiostri di San Pietro complex, in the new Food in Chiostri space, which creates value through conviviality and research dedicated to taste, a space that already has one of its distinctive features in innovation”.

PAUSE-LAB AT CHIOSTRI - Hospitality, yes, but not only. In the coming weeks, within the Food in Chiostri space a series of courses, ateliers and workshops for all ages will be promoted, dedicated to food and sustainability, following three main themes of research and experimentation.

First of all, tradition, understood as cuisine of memory to tell a personal but at the same time collective story, made up of symbols of the gastronomic history of its people. In other words, the roots of a community, to which will be connected, secondly, a path of urban and even human regeneration, capable of updating the concept and value of roots and generating innovation. Finally, a third theme will be that of widespread cuisine, creating networks starting from food, cooking and everything that is created and shared around it. Therefore, bringing the kitchen out: from a physical place to a shared public space.

Each of these themes will be experimented with in an innovative way with the intersection and hybridization of multiple expressive languages starting from that of taste. A pilot project, intercultural and intergenerational, which creates an itinerant break of life quality.

There will be dates dedicated to Cucinare ai Chiostri, conducted by the cooks of Pause, with the participation of artists and storytellers, young chefs from Reggio's preschools and grandparents: a series of events – held between May and June - open to the city, where people can cook, have lunch together and get to know each other. Furthermore, a series of events dedicated to the theme of vegetable gardens and the understanding of plants’ life cycle, such as “Un giardino da salvare”, will take place, collecting on the experiences of urban agriculture, with the goal of learning how to create gardens and take care of them with the help of urban garden experts in dialogue with the cooks of Pause.

It’s precisely this approach to research, innovation and participation which Food in Chiostri intends to implement that is very coherent not only with the activities and role of the Open Workshop, but also with the activities and social innovation projects that the Municipality has been carrying out for years in the territories of the city thanks to the “Quartiere, bene commune” project. This synchronicity will therefore also produce future synergies and collaborations around the food theme between the different subjects interacting within the Chiostri di San Pietro project.

WHO IS PAUSE – Pause-Atelier Dei Sapori was created in 2007 alongside the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre and in 2017 it was renovated: the restaurant became a business venture, it was configured as a limited liability company (srl) 100% owned by Fondazione Reggio Children-Centro Loris Malaguzzi and became a research laboratory on taste with new objectives and new projects, in line with the mission of Fondazione.

It’s a project dedicated to food, a permanent research centre on the origin and development of the sense of taste, with the participation of national and international experts from different fields, starting from childhood as a paradigm of quality. Pause is therefore a place in which to fully experience the values of interdisciplinarity and interculturality thanks to research that has its roots in daily life, aimed at improving the quality of life of people through experiments on food and the development of taste, "good" taste and "right" taste.

The main research contexts of Pause-Atelier dei Sapori are those in which children and adults (in the philosophy 0-99 years typical of the Reggio Emilia Approach) explore and experience food in a "multisensory" way starting from the care around local raw materials, with particular attention to the sustainability of processes and ideas, to the health and well-being of the communities.

The Pause-Atelier Dei Sapori project and its creative approach to food education is based on the belief that the quality of life of children is linked to that of adults and that childhood represents the essence of human knowledge and the reality that surrounds it. Pause thus becomes an integrated system, which focuses on the analysis and research on the creation of taste, thanks to the collaboration and dialogue between experts from the various scientific disciplines.

THE TIMES OF FOOD IN CHIOSTRI - Food in Chiostri is open from Monday till Sunday: from 7:30 a.m. for sweet and savoury breakfasts, from 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for lunch, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. for outdoor drinks, and on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for brunch.

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