09 December 2022

Final event Peace between Cultures

Monday, 12 December from 15 to 19 at Palazzo Dossetti Unimore – Reggio Emilia

In the Aula magna from 15 was held the presentation of the project of IC Manzoni with Reggio Children Foundation, Unimore, Fondazione for Religious Sciences, Intercultural Centre Mondinsieme, Panta Rei against educational poverty in religious, cultural and ethnic field.

The project, funded by the Ministry of Education, was aimed at pupils aged 3 to 11 and parents. A publication will be presented with the results of the questionnaire attended by 335 families of the five complexes. Among the speakers: Paolo Bernardi, Raffaella Curioni, Alessandra Landini, Alberto Melloni, Carla Rinaldi, Annamaria Contini.

Monday, December 12 from 15 to 19 in the Aula Magna of Palazzo Dossetti, Unimore, in Via Allegri will be presented the project "Peace between Cultures", funded by the Ministry of Education through the call «Educational poverty» oriented to know the territory with a view to sharing the educational and scholastic path of families. More generally, the project has deepened the fight against cultural, ethnic and religious illiteracy and the repercussions that derive from it within our multi-ethnic and multi-denominational societies, regarding integration, participation and sharing.

In response to this problem, in a territory such as Reggio Emilia, which is configured as multicultural and hosts about 149 different nationalities, The Istituto Comprensivo Manzoni of Reggio Emilia and Fondazione Reggio Children - Centro Loris Malaguzzi ETS have launched the innovative research and teaching project for education of peace between cultures, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship. Researchers from the Foundation for Religious Sciences and the Department of Education and Humanities of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Intercultural Centre Mondinsieme and the Cooperative Panta Rei also participated.

The project.


Launched in 2020, "Peace between Cultures" involved the entire Teaching Board of IC Manzoni, in a two-year training course. A Teachers' Control Room then carried out in-depth meetings and training sessions for colleagues, coordinated by FRC and other partners. The experimental activities of innovative teaching involved eight classes: a class of the Negri Primary School in the headquarters of the Civic Museums, two classes of the Primary School Pascoli, two classes of the Primary School Bergonzi, one of which housed within the Bank of Italy, two sections of the Scuola dell'infanzia Pascoli, one class of the Scuola Secondaria di Primo grado Manzoni.

This phase was divided into several training meetings for teachers and preparatory co-planning of activities, creating an interdisciplinary design working group. The educational courses for children on the theme of intercultural have explored some significant areas of experience such as autobiographies, portraits and self-portraits, food, cultures and flavours, points of view in dialogue, places and communities, natural materials, the external and collective spaces of the school.

During the school year, a questionnaire was proposed to the families of IC Manzoni on the themes of both the school-family, school-pupils relationship and interreligious and intercultural dialogue. The parents responded with high participation, 335 families out of five school complexes, corresponding to more than half of the pupils. The results, which will be presented on Monday, provide useful mapping to address a multicultural society with more awareness. The questionnaire and all the contents of the project "Peace between cultures" were collected in a publication of Fscire-Unimore and will be the subject of the presentation on Monday. For teachers, participation in the conference is recognized as a refresher course, upon request to the school head.

The Program.

The event "Peace between Cultures: the school for intercultural and interreligious dialogue" will begin Monday at 15 with greetings from Raffaella Curioni, Councillor for Education, Knowledge and University City, Annamaria Contini, director Desu - Unimore, Carla Rinaldi, President of the Fondazione Reggio Children, Paolo Bernardi, Director of the Provincial School Office and Alessandra Landini, Head of the Istituto Comprensivo Manzoni of Reggio Emilia. The keynote lecture will follow by Alberto Melloni, full professor of History of Christianity in Unimore, holder of the UNESCO chair on religious pluralism and peace at the University of Bologna, and secretary of Fscire-Foundation for religious sciences.

There will then be three thematic panels. Around 16.15, on "Interculture and interreligious dialogue: studies and school projects" will speak Laura Righi, Francesca Cadeddu, Federico Ruozzi, Alessia Passarelli, Andrea Mariuzzo, Alessandra Landini, Elisabetta Bedogni, Stefania Tognetti.

The second panel at 17.15, "Innovative intercultural teaching", will include Alessandro D'Antone, Elisa Ferrari, Mara Davoli, Anna Bellegati, Silvia Cristofori, Claudia Reggiani, Benedetta Corradini, Sara Manghisi, Simona Boiardi, Laura Guida and Elena Stirparo.

At 18 panels "On dialogue with families and families" with Lavinia Bianchi, Chiara Greco, John Modupe, Fouzia Tnatni, Diana Bota, Alfonso Trillicoso and the mothers who participated in the project.

The school director Alessandra Landini will finish the work.

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