29 March 2023

Festival ‘Internazionale Kids’ comes back in Reggio Emilia

From the 12 until the 14th of May 2023, three days full of meetings and laboratories for children of all ages

It starts the third edition of internazionale Kids festival: the 12, 13rd, 14th of May in Reggio Emilia a series of meetings and laboratories dedicated to children from 7 years old will take place, but every teenager and adult is welcome to participate. Various topics will be touched: environment, activism, comics, science, music and philosophy.

Meeting are free and everyone can attend, they last 50 minutes each while to attend laboratories that last an hour and a half, it’s necessary to book a seat online.

This Festival will take place in San Pietro Cloister, museum Palace, Cavallerizza’s Theatre, Valli’s Theatre, Fonderia and Mapei Stadium.

International Kids in Reggio Emilia is promoted by Internazionale Kids, Internazionale, Reggio Emilia’s Municipality and Magnani Palace Foundation.

It is realized thanks to Iren with Pianoterra Foundation, Save the Children, Tetrapak, Mapei Stadium, S Generation and in the picture of the Program FuturoPresente – young culture between Netherlands and Italy.

It is also in collaboration with Reggio Emilia – a city without boundaries, Civics Museum of Reggio Emilia, I teatri Foundation, national Foundation of Aterballetto dance, Reggio Children Foundation, Pause Atelier of flavors, Reggio Children srl, Re Mida, Officina Educativa, communal Pharmacies reunited, Open Laboratories and San Pietro Cloisters.

For information contact: kids@internazionale.it

Read the complete program here.

Last modified: 31 March 2023

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