10 May 2023

Language, italian culture and right to education

Signed the Declaration of Intent between MAECI and Reggio Children Foundation at Loris Malaguzzi Internation Center of Reggio Emilia

Signed today, at Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi of Reggio Emilia, in presence of the Education Assessor and University City Raffaella Curioni, a Declaration of Intent between the MAECI and Reggio Children Foundation which aims to promote the collaboration in the field of promotion of italian language and culture and of right to education.

For the Farnesina, the Declaration was signed by Head of office in charge of the Italian Education System in the World, Embassy Counselor Marco Maria Cerbo. “The Declaration of Intenti is part of initiatives that the Italian Education System in the World realize to promote italian formative model, the knowledge of italian language and culture and the relationships among educative communities in Italy and in the world”, tells Counselor Cerbo. “Within the framework of the Declaration a work Table will be formed and joint linguistic-cultural promotion actions will be developed, in coordination with Minister and his foreign network”.

For Reggio Children Foundation, the Declaration was signed by the President Carla Rinaldi: “We’re onoured to start with MAECI a path who concerns to italian culture and language promotion and right to education, by networking italian international excellence in cultural and educational field: Italian Education System in the World with the exprìerience born in Reggio Emilia” declares the President. “Based on the Paper on Quality Education, we can made available initiatives, knowledge and looks starting from a childhood idea that in any social, economic, political contest, mark the uniqueness and richness of every single living being and his realization in the educating community.”

Reggio Children Foundation origins from the educational project processed and practiced at Scuole e Nidi d’Infanzia of Reggio Emilia’s Municipality and is involved in the international spread of educational values and experiences gained over the years with the goal to improve lives of communities around the world, promoting childhood rights, starting from right to quality education, trough research and solidariety programs.

Reggio Emilia’s educational experience, better known worldwide as Reggio Emilia Approach®, represents one of the principal italian excellence in the field of childhood education. The goodness of this approach is also witnessed by the institutions of the Italian Education System in the World, which are already inspired to his principles: between them, Maria Montessori School in Barcelona, Foundation Institute Turin in Belo Horizonte, the Italian School in Madrid, the School of Italy Marconi in New York, the International School in San Francisco, the Eugenio Montale Institute in San Paolo, the Italian School in Zurich.

The Italian Education System in the World is an international network of educational institution that counts today 7 public schools, 45 private schools, 92 italian sections in foreign schools, 130 lecturing in foreign univeristy and more than 10.000 italian language and culture courses.

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Last modified: 21 June 2023

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