02 June 2023

In Capannori is born the help desk “Inforiuso” on reuse circuits of objects

A service aimed at citizens to recive indications about realities of the territory belonging to Municipalty System of Reuse promoted thanks to Reusemed

In Capannori (Lucca) has been activated the service ‘InfoRiuso’ with the aim of guiding citizens towards circuits of reuse existing on the territoy, promoting like that this good practice, to prevent used objects and materials from becoming waste to be dumped, but instead they can have a second life in a circular economy perspective.

This is a help desk that citizens can contact to recive informations about where and how to bring used objects or objects they want to dispose of (furniture, clothing, computer equipment, games, etc.) before being delivered to the ecological islands of Ascit, thus avoiding to became waste. Citizenzs will be adressed to the realities of the territory which are part of the Municipality System of Reuse: Nanina Società Cooperativa Sociale, Lillero, Agricola Calafata, Hacking Labs, Miniere Urbane, Bi-Done centro riuso creativo, Comitato Rionale Santa Caterina, Legambiente Capannori e Piana Lucchese, Terra di Tutti, Comitato Studenti per i Diritti allo Studio 2008, Associazione Paideia, insieme per l’educazione, Associazione Per Lammari.

The informative service is also aimed at companies that want to put back into circulation production waste or warehouse stocks. 

This is one of the first actions promoted within the Municipality System of Reuse recently constituited by Municipal within ‘Reusemed’– the project financed by European Union with the ENI CBC Med Program, to encourage the reuse and reparation of objects of which Capannori is part – with the aim to networking and value various realities of reuse already existing on the territory, and to encourage the birth of others. The Municipality System of Reuse sees the collaboration of Ascit, of the Zero Waste Research Center coordinated by Rossano Ercolini and of all the realities of territory which operate in this area and who joined the network. “Recently we’ve created the Municipal System of Reuse with the aim to ensure a better coordination among the many associative and business realities of the territory dealing with reuse of objects and materials, give them a support to enhance the excellent results already achieved and to facilitate citizenzs acces to circuits of reuse guaranteeing a unit reference point – explains the Councillor of the Enviroment, Giordano Del Chiaro–.In this years are many the experiences that developped in this sector reffering to various materials, from furniture to clothes, from bicycles to food waste until computer equipment, anticipating what then became the european strategy of circular economy. With the establishment of the re-use network we set this precious reality to enchance and develop it further with the aim of making Capannori european ‘capital’ of re-use. ‘InfoRiuso’ is a simple  and useful help desk for citizens that everyone can contact to ask and recive informations on where to confer used objects guaranteeing them a second life and a new utility”.

You can contact InfoRiuso by phone callingthe dedicated number 353 4314224, via whatsapp or sending an email to riusocomune.capannori.lu.it. the service is active on Thursday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 and Thursday from 14.00 to 17.00.

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Last modified: 30 May 2023

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