22 June 2023

At Zen 2 of Palermo presented the redeveloped spaces of Save the Children’s Spazio Mamme within “Crescere Insieme” project

On Wednesday, June 21 the official opening at the presence of Save the Children, Fondazione Reggio Children and Credem Banca

In Sicily, barely one in 20 children in 0-2 band use educational services for early childhood and Municipalities’ spending for those services is of 316 euro, less than half the national average.

Took place yesterday the redeveloped spaces’ opening of Spazio Mamme within Save the Children’s Punto Luce, in Zen 2 district of Palermo. The redevelopment, thought from the perspective of give children and their mothers a comfortable and cozy environment in which they can better carry out the activities, part of the project is “Crescere Insieme” of Save the Children – International Organization fighting for over 100 years to save children at risk guaranteeing them a future – made with Fondazione Reggio Children - Centro Loris Malaguzzi, thanks to Gruppo Credem will and support, with aim of contrast educative poverty of children in 0-6 years band.

The deep socioeconomic  and cultural inequalities framework of families in Italy substantially affects on children growth from earliest years of life. Is foundamental, for this, act early and in an integrated way , from pregnancy to first life’s phases, especially in regions where there are several economic discomfort situations, like Sicily. The region testifies the highest rate of households with minors in the total number of households who receive the Citizenship Income for a total of more than 110 thousand families (39% compared with a national average of 35%) and its second for the average amount received from this families (724 euro monthly), only second from Campania average (742) [1].

“Place children protagonism at the center of communities, accompanying mothers, and fathers in their relationship with their own children and in the discovery of their potential, togheter with other families and operators, its one of the project goals to contrast loneliness and educational poverty” said Massimiliano Massimelli, general coordinator of Fondazione Reggio Children, chaired by Carla Rinaldi. “As Reggio Children Foundation we’ve made our experience available on quality education and research area as answer to educational emergency, in absence or to support educational services for early childhood – continues . the most important ‘Crescere Insieme’ result, which we contributed togheter with an excelence as Save The Children and an important partner as Credem, is this: attend learing creative activities, childhood and parents, in redeveloped or rethought spaces, and come back home enriched with new relationship possibilities that leave a positive and regenerative imprint on one’s daily life, learning and sociality pilot experiences, small neighborhood educational communities, essential for the future”.


[1] Source: Citizenship income and pension observatory, year 2022 https://servizi2.inps.it/servizi/osservatoristatistici/73/o/452

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Last modified: 22 June 2023

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