06 July 2022

The 9th and 10th of July arrives in Capannori the "Festival of Reuse”

A weekend dedicated to sustainability with the Reusemed project

Saturday conference with Paul Connett, inventor of Zero Waste strategy

An opportunity to discuss live on good and innovative practices of reuse and circular economy in the first Italian "zero waste" municipality 

The project involves Mediterranean realities in Spain, Jordan and Tunisia

Saturday 9 and Sunday, July 10 in Capannori will be held the first 'Festival of Reuse' promoted by the Municipality of Capannori, the first Italian "zero waste” municipality, and by Fondazione Reggio Children - Centro Loris Malaguzzi in collaboration with Ascit, Zero Waste Research Center and the Lillero organization -The real barter market. The festival is held within the framework of Reusemed - Mediterranean Basin Reuses project funded by the European Union with the ENI CBC Med Program, to encourage the reuse and repair of objects, of which the municipal administration and Reggio Children Foundation with Remida Reggio Emilia are partners together with some realities of Spain, Jordan and Tunisia.

A festival with good music, good practices, art and convivial moments, all starting from good sustainability practices. The 'two days', which will take place in Capannori, at the Marlia market from 16.30 to 24, will turn the spotlight on the many local realities that deal with reuse in the various supply chains, furniture, clothes, books, food, computer materials and that have contributed to the goal reached by the Municipality of Capannori. Also conferences and stands of environmental associations and artisans, artists and musicians who produce objects from waste materials.

An opportunity to discuss innovative practices and to participate in conferences on waste management, sustainability education, reuse and circular economy. In particular, Saturday 9th of July, at 17.30, round table "Circular economy and zero waste: a look to the future" in which the mayor Luca Menesini, the city council member to the environment Giordano Del Chiaro, Fausto Ferruzza, President Legambiente Tuscany, Paul Connett, ideatore strategia Zero Waste, Rossano Ercolini, Coordinator of the Zero Capannori Waste Research Centre, Giovanni Gostoli, director of the Network of Sustainable Municipalities.

Sunday, July 10 will be presented the project Reusemed. It will also be the turn of the influencer Silvia Moroni of @parlasostenibile and Carlotta Ferrozzi of the center of creative recycling ReMida Bologna_Terre d'Acqua. Remida, a project of Reggio Children Foundation, School and Nursery Institution of Reggio Emilia and Iren, will be present with its own laboratories and experiences, to show the many possibilities of learning from industrial waste materials, discover its potential and to look for beauty where you are not used to finding it.

"We adhere with the educational experience of Reggio Emilia to the sustainability of Remida at this festival of Reuse, in the Reusemed project - comments Carla Rinaldi, president of Reggio Children Foundation. Today more than ever, it is a celebration that recalls, in the face of the dramatic events of the climate crisis, good practices in respect of the planet’s resources. Practices shared and shared by entire communities, which Capannori and other municipalities are carrying out convincingly, which also generate a better coexistence in our communities”.

Read the program and the complete press release

Last modified: 06 July 2022

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